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City: Atlanta

Wrap Stars LLC

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How did you get into the car wrap business?

So my husband started wrapping the local transit, which is called Marta for another company. And then when I met him, I was in business school. And so he was in his first government bid project. And I came in and started to manage the business. I then kind of took over and the business is in my name now. So that’s why I say we’re a women owned business. I was my husband’s right hand man for about six and a half, seven years when we just did installs only.

Then I started helping him teach his apprentices. So we went through quite a few of those over the years. They get some under their belt, and they think they want to go out and do their own thing. And I’ve actually hired back quite a few as well. They didn’t go so well. That’s okay. I know everybody’s got to follow their dream at some point. Yeah.

What do people request for the most?

So the majority of our business is the fleet work for businesses and designing the logos and then implementing their branding for them. The color change and my custom design. I’m not the cheapest, but I do it right the first time. So when people go elsewhere for a cheaper price, I usually end up getting your business at the end because you get what you paid for. Yeah. Truly. That’s just kind of how it is.

How many locations do you have?

We just have the one location here in Kennesaw. It’s like 30, 35 minutes from downtown Atlanta.

How many employees do you have?

We have five employees. We have three installers, a designer and an office person.

Do you have any big or famous clients to name drop?

We did Missy Elliott’s Rolls Royce Wraith two and a half years ago, and then we just did her Lambo Aventator recently, and then we’re actually getting ready to wrap her Land Rover. We also did Cilo Green’s Bronco for his son. We’ve also done work for PetSmart, Sprint and College Hunks.

What is your favorite project across the board?

We did a patina design on a Scat Pack Challenger for a local KSU police officer, Kennesaw State.

Do you attend any industry events?

We’ve done like car shows with a local liquid dip guy. That was really fun. We did that two years ago on Halloween. We had like over 80 participants, and that was, that was fun. We got our name out there a little more. But you know, really we were really doing it for him because he was just starting. So, you know, and sometimes liquid dips can be a little less expensive but they just don’t last as long. We’re a small community, and we all know each other.

What are your plans for the business over the next few years?

Well, I’d like to expand the printing side and get a flatbed printer. Be able to do routing. We work with a lot of schools in the area, doing branding for them and a local photography company. So, you know, we work together because they provide us the artwork with the pictures and the high-resolution pictures.

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