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We understand that a sign is more than just helpful information. It’s the first impression your customers get about your company and your brand promise. Great signage will not only show them where you are; it’s a way to get their attention and give them information about what you do and how you do it.

We take a look at your signage – external and internal – from a customer’s perspective. We’ll look at it from a distance and up close, and we’ll compare it to your competition’s signage to see how it measures up.

We’ll provide an evaluation of how effective your signage is at:

  • Helping customers locate your business
  • Enticing customers to take action
  • Conveying positive messages about your brand
  • Helping you stand out from your competition
  • We can also help you make your workplace more motivating and productive.

Your internal signage is also an opportunity to provide feedback to your workers:

  • What’s important: vision, values, metrics
  • How they and the company are performing
  • What customers are saying
  • Strengthening your brand
  • Creating a motivating and more beautiful work space

We’ll show you how creative internal signage can help your brand and make a strong impression on visitors, customers , vendors and your staff.

Steve’s a professional with over 20 years of sales, marketing and management experience with some of Jacksonville’s biggest A-list companies. He’s passionate about helping business owners build their brands and grow their business and to making Jacksonville a more beautiful place – one sign at a time.

He brings all his skills to Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, including practical experience in:

  • Building brands
  • Driving sales
  • Creating Internal Communications
  • Building customer partnerships

Steve delivers more than just signage; he’s a marketing partner and brand champion dedicated to your success.

“I’m here to listen carefully to what you need and make suggestions based on my experience. Let’s start a conversation about your business’goals and how you define your brand. Together, we can help your company tell its story better, attract more customers, and motivate your staff.”

Steve Parker

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