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How Effective is Vehicle Wrap Advertising?

  • Car advertising is 96% more effective than static billboards.
  • Car advertising grabs double (2X) the attention of a Static billboard.
  • 86% of Car advertising viewers will read the entire advertisement.
  • Car advertising influence the consumer’s decision by 63%.

A car billboard is different in comparison to traditional hoardings and is traveling all the time. Hence has more impressions and has a better conversion rate.

You can target your audience and run your ads only on cars flying from a certain location to a certain location.
Car advertising is 65% more effective than the traditional form of advertising and has a 57% more conversion rate.
Let me tell you one last effective point to let you know how effective is car branding- A car billboard can travel many places and reach every small street to promote your brand in comparison to hoardings or any other form of advertising. And the best part- Even when your car is not moving “ It acts like a static billboard and it still promotes your brand”.

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