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Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis

We are proud to provide excellent 3M vinyl wrap services in the Greater Indianapolis area, and equally important, have been doing so since before many people knew what it meant! Our extensive range of vinyl car wrap options can suit any business or personal vehicle. We offer custom wrap design and specialty wraps like carbon fiber wrap, black chrome plated aluminum honeycomb patterned surface and more. These options make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Guaranteed!

So if you searched for “vehicle wraps near me”, then it’s your lucky day. As a trusted name in the industry, Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis knows that every aspect of your vinyl wrap must be just right. That’s why our friendly staff will take care to make sure you’re getting only top quality services without any hassle or worry!
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Indianapolis Vinyl Wrap Shop

We have many highly trained and skilled installers over the years which has helped us establish ourselves as one of the best in town. Additionally, our Indianapolis car wraps cost a fraction compared to other companies without sacrificing any quality!

We look forward to working with all of our customers in providing them with top-of-the line product that won’t break their budgets. All inclusive pricing means we can offer great deals on top quality products no matter what size or make vehicle it is, so come see us today! Stop searching “car wrap near me” and come see us because we are committed to helping you find the right auto wrap for your vehicle at an affordable price.
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Why Choose Our Indianapolis Vehicle Wraps?

Why should choose our vinyl wrap shop? Because we believe in nothing less than perfect. Years of experience, dedication to high quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction makes us one of the best car wrap shops inIndianapolis. Reach out to us with any questions or to receive a free Indianapolis car wrap cost quote today!

Our commitment to custom car wrapping excellence equals customer satisfaction.

The affordability of our services is what sets us apart from the competition. Additionally, our team will work with you to find a great design that fits your budget and needs. Because your satisfaction is our priority, we never settle for anything less than perfect and every customer who walks through our doors knows this too.

Affordable Pricing

The affordability of our services is what sets us apart from the competition. Our team will work with you to find a great design that fits your budget and needs.

High Quality Standards

Quality is our middle name, and that’s why we never settle for anything less than excellence. We want to be the reason you stop searching when looking up “vehicle wraps near me.”

Friendly Customer Service

Our friendly staff will answer any questions that come up in conversation with a knowledgeable professional looking out for your best interests at heart.

Contact us for Car Wrap Costs in Indianapolis.

We’ll give you a fair and honest wrap price!

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What To Expect At Our Auto Vinyl Wrap Shop

We are committed to providing the best customer service and vinyl installation possible, therefore, our high-quality standards ensure that the your custom vinyl wrap will last for years, not just months! Our company is dedicated to providing you with friendly service and a quality product at a reasonable price.

Find out for yourself what the concierge level service is like at Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis. Reach out to us and let’s transform your vehicle today!

What To Expect At Our Auto Vinyl Wrap Shop

  • Firstly, call for a car wrap cost quote.
  • Then one of our team members will discuss options and cost estimates with you.
  • Once details and pricing are set you can drop off your car.
  • Thirdly, your vehicle will be meticulously cleaned and prepped for vinyl installation.
  • Then the installation of your vinyl wrap can take up to 3 days per vehicle, depending on size.
  • Top notch 3M vinyl is adhered to your car carefully while removing all bubbles and seams.
  • Straightaway, any remaining edges are trimmed.
  • Finally, pick up your newly wrapped vehicle!

Car Wraps

We specialize in custom car wraps for all makes and models, including convertibles. The Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis team is prepared to install your personalized design on any vehicle type – we’ve got you covered! Moreover, our professional technicians handle the installation process with ease. For added style points go ahead and choose one of many polychromatic options. From camo vinyls & carbon fiber textures to satin black chrome plating. Undeniably, these options really stands out against other cars due its unique contrast ratio.

Full Wraps

The pros at Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis can help you make your car look like it was custom made for you! We have some of the best 3M vinyl full wrap options around, including monochromatic or color changing films depending on your preference. Nevertheless, whichever option fits your style, we’ll sure to wrap every inch of your vehicle, from the wheel wells to the door jams. As a result, our Indianapolis car wrap pricing can’t be beat. Contact us for a free quote and let us full wrap your ride!

Truck Wraps

We at Pro Car WrapsIndianapolis know that a lot of our commercial clients require truck wrap services to properly identify their work vehicles or showcase the logos for their businesses. Fortunately, we have years of professional experience working with every truck type from semis all way down to pick up trucks. Up to the present time, many of our commercial clients vinyl wrap their trucks as a way to advertise their business. For the best truck wraps Indianapolis, call Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis!

Partial Wraps

The partial wrap package is perfect for wrapping the front end of a car or across two doors. Our vehicle wraps Indianapolis shop employs an experienced staff that can provide any variation and installation. Subsequently, many commercial customers only wrap a portion of their vehicles to advertise their businesses. Our expert wrap designers and installers can create the perfect partial wrap for your personal or commercial vehicle. Contact us today.

Van Wraps

We’re the professionals when it comes to vinyl wrap van jobs. With our decades of experience, we have done more than just trimming corners – every inch is covered in high quality graphics for your convenience! Due to large, flat surface areas, vans make for creative and unique design options not seen with other vehicles. Pro Car Wraps Indianapolis knows how to give your van vinyl wrap a perfect look. Whether you need one van or many, we have the experience and skills necessary for creating custom graphics on big surfaces like these!

Bus Wraps

We’re the best at what we do because of how committed to excellence and customer satisfaction our staff is. We take pride in providing a wide range of bus wraps, including contravision (also known as one way vision) across bus windows which can be used by advertisers looking to make their product seen. Whether you need custom graphics designed or just want large advertisements on your vehicle, contact us today! The price points are low when compared with other companies that offer similar services due an affordable Indianapolis car wrap cost.

Boat Wraps

You know what they say about big boats and little ocean- whether it’s a fishing vessel, cargo ship or cruise liner. You want to make sure your boat stands out from the rest of them so come see our team at Car Wraps Indianapolis for high quality graphic design services that will show off any craft! Our 3M vinyl boat wraps are marine grade which means no matter how many seasons you drive around town in style with this beautiful accessory on display – its durability won’t be matched by anything else available today!

Trailer Wraps

The enclosed trailer is the perfect candidate for a vinyl wrap. With our variety of polychromatic covers, you can make your company trailer stand out around town! We also have experience with spot graphics and partial installations that make an impact. We have worked on flat deck, enclosed, gooseneck, dump and even travel trailers. Our professional technicians have installed vinyl lettering, company logos and even custom graphics on every trailer listed above. Our car wrap prices are much lower than the market so you can confidently show off your logo without breaking your budget!

Paint Protection Film

Undeniably, you want to keep that brand new car looking as good for the next 4+ years. To the end that don’t wait to get paint protection film installed. This ultra thin transparent 3M vinyl wrap is indistinguishable while providing your vehicle with all of the protection they need from elements! Surprisingly,Indianapolis is one of the sunniest cities during the summer. With this in mind, if you don’t want your paint to get sun bleached then our paint protective film is the perfect wrap for you! Additionally, never worry about the elements again with this ultra thin transparent 3M vinyl wrap!

Vinyl Color Change

Not surprisingly, color changing vinyl wraps have been wildly popular for a few years now. Recently, we’ve provided many of our customers in Indianapolis with chameleon style changes. Consequently, this provides their cars that perfect touch they are looking for! When it comes to installing a color changing vinyl wrap on your car, there are many options. You can choose the standard color A to color B change. On the other hand, you can choose an option which changes colors depending on what angle you look at the vehicle. Regardless, both will make your vehicle stand out as the center of attention.

Commercial Wraps

Undoubtedly, installing a commercial vehicle wrap is the best way toget your business noticed in Indianapolis! As a matter of fact, with our high quality wraps, you can grab more attention and attract more people to your business! In other words, we have an extensive range of options available – we’ll design something perfect just right for your company. Whether you have a fleet of commercial trucks or just one business vehicle, we have the high quality vinyl vehicle wrap for you. You don’t need to search for the “best vinyl wrap car near me,” because you are already on the website of the top vinyl car wrap shop in Indianapolis!

Tesla Wraps

Tesla color change wrap is the perfect way to make your Tesla stand out in a crowd! You can have any painted part on your car changed to a different hue. Subsequently, you can choose from a variety of specialty patterns, including camouflage and carbon fiber. Additionally, there are dozens of hues available for selection ranging from matte finishes all way up through satin-based options. As a matter of fact, these provide high levels of shine without being sticky at hand touch points. Ultimately, if none fit what you’re looking for our team will custom design a pattern that will make you love your Tesla even more than you do already.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about:
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  • Car Wrapping Indianapolis
  • Vehicle Wraps Indianapolis
  • Vinyl Wrap Indianapolis
  • Car Wrap Indianapolis cost

How much does a typical vinyl car wrap cost?

Without a doubt, the price of vinyl wrap varies greatly based on the size of the vehicle to be wrapped. Generally speaking, full wraps that include four door and tailgate along with front and rear bumpers could cost about $3000-$8000. In the final analysis, these typically take roughly 3-8 hours (depending on factors like complexity/ difficulty level).

How long do car wraps last?

Car wraps are made of vinyl, which comes in 3 different grades. Subsequently, they are long-lasting and resistant to peeling, cracking, discoloring, fading and curling up at the edges. With this intention, the best quality vinyl wrap will be able to last 5 years or more if cared for properly. Another key point is that harsh weather can also affect longevity. Additionally, high-quality wraps are more durable than thinner films and can last up to seven years. Undoubtedly, this provides a better return on your investment.

How long does it take for a car wrap to be wrapped?

The first thing to remember is the answer is dependent on many variables. For instance, vehicle size, your location, and how many cars are queued for wraps before yours. Therefore, the best way to get a reliable estimate is to contact a local installer. Then schedule an initial consult or even provide them with specifics about your needs before inquiring online.

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